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… The issue of the Black Panthers issuing bounties for "dead or alive", and therefore inciting to violence has not been addressed at all here, the silence has been deafening on that score." End of quote.This incitement to violence and MURDER should be reported everywhere. It is EVIL. One can only come to the conclusion that the Black Panthers are not prosecuted for their incitement to MURDER is because they are black and not white. And therefore it is allowed. Is the intent of the Adoiaistrntimn to stir up a race war in America? This is a tragedy for our nation.

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Rookie mistake! And I can’t see why I made it because I actually know Trader Sams is in Disneyland! I’ve been there in person before. I think the thought of Krakatoa just got me too excited! I’ll have to find something equally as visually tempting!

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L’escroquerie « en col blanc » du siècle ?Prêter à la Hongrie*, c’est prêter à la France …*Espérant que ça ne finisse pas comme l’emprunt russe de juin 1906 …

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This “free sharing” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

Mark Freddy, es ist unglaublich inspirierend, wir Du Dich nach Deinen “Umwegen” so konsequent auf dein Ziel fokussierst. Toll!Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und alles Gute,Mark

Go all choked up, that is so sweet. I have the craziest, ugliest “rocking chair” my brother built for me for my barbies 30+ years ago… I bet he doesn’t even remember it, but I can never bear to throw it away. Kindness, empathy, consideration… you’re doing a wonderful job if your children have their foundation so strongly set.

Thanks again Benedict. Reliable, fast and easy…nothing has changed since my 1st transaction in 2006, it only gets better. Very competitive price for a worry free transaction.

Vv funny! Am always curious how they are going to implement such screening measures, how many inches constitutes a girls breast vs a mature woman’s breast. And the discussions involved at reaching a conclusion … Anyway, Max, I as a listener am very happy for Stacey to add more info or a different angle to your condensed statements. Stop the stupid irritation, she is a brilliant woman.

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Poooooor girl. She's still 'haunted by the stigma' of the Duke Lacrosse case. Oh boo hoo, I cry for her. And I'll bet she will now be 'haunted' by the 'stigma' of having stabbed and murdered some guy. Oh my, a helpless victim of depression. She needs help! Of course, it all goes back to the trauma of slavery. Old Girl River, Cry me a River.

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Yeah, keep talking about abortion troggy. That way you don't have to talk about 15% real unemployment, the $6 trillion of debt run up in the last four years, 16% of Americans in poverty, millions more people on food stamps, the massive Libyan cluster fuck and cover up, gas at $4.50 a gallon—and absolutely no plan to deal with these problems. Instead let's talk about muppetphobia, bayonets, Romneys' tax returns and Sandra Fluke's sex life.You're a pathetic ward heeler and your nobody's friend.

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Next time I apply for a job, and my employer wants me to prove I’m a US citizen, I’ll tell them to look on the internet since that what Obama did.Next time my employer wants me to show my college records to show I actually have the degree I claim, I’ll tell them to take my word for it and have my college records sealed by a court. It’s okay I’ll tell them because that’s what Obama did.My boss would laugh me out of a job, and a judge would throw me out of court if I filed a law suit. They’d say my argument is ridiculous so why is Obama able to do it?

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Qualche indig… ehm abitante del luogo potrebbe fornire le istruzioni per arrivare senza utilizzare l'autostrada? E' un po' complicato elencarti in dettaglio. Prova ViaMichelin.Più semplicemente, segui i cartelli blu per Lugano invece di quelli verdi.

Información…Valora en Andrea Flome nos presenta Compramania, un nuevo portal de compra venta para particulares/profesionales en España, clasificados por categorías y por provincias. Su diseño está basado en la usabilidad y sencillez, permitiendo p…..

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In America Internet is already a step ahead then other countries and so we all are into knowing what are they doing new. We have half the speed of broadband and even costly then that of the America.

So, I take it you are in favor of your own clothes? I wonder how much of people saying uniforms are the way to go has to do with uniforms being a status symbol of some sort? Like, we are upper class – or something? Hadn’t considered that before…

Stay informative, San Diego, yeah boy!

still the chances of it hitting it even if there is something in the middle is second to none the wind speeds and the atmosphere would play a major role in shooting it, and even if it was a space craft what would one bullet do to it? And the bullet would be weaker from the wind and speed from traveling that far up

Barozzi.Maison d’édition francophone. Pour publier ou pour la qualité de l’édition ?Pour publier, vous le savez mieux que moi – pour la qualité de l’édition, il y a l’embarras du choix.

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love the white dress outfit with that cage print. great photography by Janne seriously !plus your hair looks amazing with all that detailed braided close up shots. xx

– I laughed out loud at your story because that happens EVERY DAY with at least one of my girls. Oh my gosh, I’m so tired of reminding them to take bites/chew/swallow. My 2-y-o can hold food in her mouth for hours and hours (no exaggeration). So gross. Oh, and I love the wreath! I want to make a wreath for a friend of mine, and I think this is the one!!heather recently posted..[]

Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignorant.

Kim, you should really bless us with more outfit posts. This skirt is beautiful! Love how you paired it. More please. Dawn Suitcase vignettes xoxo

Sandy,So glad that everyone has enjoyed White Bliss as much as I did.That was such a fun read.Now that Paynter is headed to rehab, I am beyond happy.Will provide updates when I see them, but it won’t be the samestressful search for good/bad news as it has been over thepast weeks.Have a great weekend!Hugs, Keta

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jaqueliny montfort correia disse:Só de saber que você não vai sair de DT fico feliz, mas desejo toda sorte do mundo no cd solo,vou estar orando para ser um testemunho enorme para todos que querem ouvir mas a palavra de Deus.

Ben moi ça fait un bail que je l’ai pas vu le soleil ! Ta foccacia est superbe, je croquerais volontiers dedans, que des parfums que j’aime.Bon WE

Now we know who the sensible one is here. Great post!

Does it seem to you that “looting” usually explains this administration’s actions better than “policy” or even “politics” would?Kind regards,Dog, etc.searching for home

yea, everybody can relax. this idiot guy has karma at his door. I wouldnt want to be him for hundreds of reasons, for a start: empty heart, empty life

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In his defense he was on stream and he’s been acting like that lately because he’s been going through depression. Not that it’s really an excuse, but it’s something.As far as I’m concered though, when he’s on script no other member of TGWTG has managed to match him to date, even though he isn’t putting out much content lately.

I love the look of your website. I recently built mine and I was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. Can I ask you whether you developed the website by youself?

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Wszyscy są do ogrania, najlepszy przykład z tej kolejki. Bytowia ograła miedziankę. Tylko naprawdę może być to trudny mecz, chłopaki mają już swoje w nogach.

If bloggers don’t want to make a video of themselves perhaps they could narrate their blog post on a video while playing some background music and adding some images so other people could understand it better.

Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

Hola! Genial idea, me encanta y además creo que nos ayuda a disfrutar del tiempo libre a todas las familias urbanitas. Lo pienso compartir inmediatamente con las familias amigas. Como dices por ahí, a ver cuando se animan los papás!

it hasn’t been allowed for me in this country. And so far have resisted the urge to do anything other than that which is nice.If they don’t want to be excited and join then the fun, then maybe FK em.

May 31, 2011 at 7:39 amI think that almost all motivations on some level are partially selfish. But when it’s so selfish it’s to the detriment of other people, that’s where were run into problems and issues. As far as the place of feeling as though we’ve arrived I’m guessing it’s an illusion that people spend their lives chasing only to find themselves ultimately disappointed. Reply

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… I heard that in Asia, it's still common for college students to call older students 'big brother'. What a bunch of nimrods." You heard wrong, nimrod. "Big brother" is just an amicable way for friends to address an older friend, whom they respect. But what can I expect from an ignorant white supremacist who has never owned a passport or befriended anybody who is not white?

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Ha ha!Ils sont dégoutés parce que Valls est bien meilleur qu’eux! Ils ont posé leur question, ils ont eu leur réponse voila tout! Ou est donc le scandale?« Je voulais l’alpaguer par le col ! »Et après il vient dire que c’est Valls qui a fondu un plomb? Quelle objectivité!

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  26 octobre 2012De rien Aurore, j’ai fais une erreur c’est pas mauve c’est mauvel, j’espère que tu sauras ce que c’est parce que moi ché pas

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I remember looking at the school supply list for my daughters in kindergarten and thinking the amount of glue/glue sticks requested was a typo… yeah, not so lucky. Thanks for this informative post. I will visit the healthy schools link you provided!Good luck and have fun with your son in kindergarten, it is a magical year!

I made the defense of the Proposition Nation, but came late to the party, so posted it in the comments section of the post directly above the last Post that referenced the Fjordman peice.It wasnt an attack on the Ethno-State. It was a defense of the Proposition Nation.

April 18, 2011 at 7:13 amHehe I can totally relate to this post! In fact only today I was thinking about how Forest Gump had a few wise words on life.I am really glad now that my original plans didn’t hold out, the journey has been perfect exactly the way it was and who knows what tomorrow will hold! Reply

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Ma fatemi capire, fratelli. Ne dovrei arguire che ritornando al gold standard le cose si rimetterebbero a posto?Permettetemi di dubitarne.Quello che io contesto è il POTERE del denaro, in qualunque salsa lo si voglia servire.Quello che io contesto è il paradigma della CRESCITA INFINITA.E il denaro è la benzina che fa girare il motore.Credo invece, che dovremo raggiungere un equilibrio, trovare il nostro posto nell'UNIVERSO, o multiverso che sia e rimanere buoni a vedere cosa succede.All'ORO attribuisco un valore by night

It’s hard to fool a mind like Bill. The most intriguing part was how Ms Fluke tricked Rush into attacking her for 3 straight days.It must have been mind control from the WH. Maybe it was Bo. He always did look suspicious. Never fear, O’Reilly will get to the bottom of this nefarious plot.

..en ik wil ook graag dat je je zangstem terug krijgt Inge!Zo knap zoals je ook hier weer de dubbele betekenis van woorden gebruikt!Letterlijk recht op je stem!

Se posso dire la mia, da adoratore del micio e possessore di armi per uso sportivo (la caccia non mi piace, ma non giudico chi la pratica), con queste leggi spesso c'è chi ragiona a spanne e non vede l'ora di sparare a qualcosa che secondo lui può fare fuori perché ha capito quello che voleva lui.Detto questo spero di non vedere mai una scena del genere, mi si stringerebbe il cuore.

I really like Deco Daisy, I guess really because I am in Interior Architect and I’ve learned about Art Nouveau and really enjoy it. But aside from that one, I really enjoy Watercolor and English Meadow

If I was there, I would castrate all these sons of a b… ,and then, send them all in jail for the crime commited towards these poor innocent animals! It is still a country of barbaric people ”Turcs”,as we saw in the past!!! R.I.P. BEAUTIFUL JOY!

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Completely on the same page, and i don't think because our birthdays are 3 days apart! Extra wide, yes, please! I just finished a very long search, and i only came up with Rashida Coleman's Squigglys. My first quilt was ruined, in my opinion, by a subpar blender. Fabric companies, hear our collective plea! Extra wide backings of designer fabrics! Thanks Katy for the idea!

Calc, …” bin ich darauf aufmerksam geworden, dass dieses Jahr einen CSS3-Adventskalender gestartet hat. Zudem gibt es dort auch eine Buchverlosung. Das aber nur am

Eu precisava de várias pontes. uma para a longínqua urgência hospitalar, outra para a distante escola das minhas netas, ainda outra para um sítio onde não houvesse socretinos e a que temos que construir para uma sociedade socialista!…

“the same country that lectured Latin America and other areas during their financial meltdowns, on how importnat it is to take the medicine, no matter how painful.”Ouch – was forgetting about that. There may be quite a bit of schadenfreude in Argentina….

Just the type of insight we need to fire up the debate.

Christina,People who need to attack are unhappy and have issues. Feel sorry for them instead. And don't let them turn you into a person you don't want to be!I think you are one of the best in blog land!ox, MonI

Oh yeah, have you ever eaten dog food is horrible, and having a sharp nose like theres, no wonder they go crazy when we eat. . I give mine egg yokes, good for the skin there, and the chicken dry food there, the better for them, the sauce has a lot of fat,

Ich finde die Edelstahlplatten für die Mobeli Haltegriffe (Best. Nr. 14614 14) nicht im Programm. Der Preis ist mir nicht bekannt, außerdem kann ich nichts über die Montage finden.Mit freundliche GrüßenD. Grebe

Well, the problem is that any of the long-term solutions will take time to implement. We can’t realistically move from coal to nuclear and solar, nor from petroleum-based transportation to electric, in anything under decades. In the mean time, we’ll need more sources of oil and natural gas. Moreover, even if conservation efforts are wildly successful, doesn’t it make sense to keep our oil dollars at home rather than run up our already-huge trade deficit?

skriver:snälla, vet nÃ¥gon vart onsdagar-träningarna hÃ¥lls? Medborgarplatsen säger mig ingeting, lika väl som ”UppgÃ¥ng björns trädgÃ¥rd” , vad menas med det? jag och mina kompisar vill gärna testa, och det är bara ett fÃ¥tal timmar kvar tills det börjar

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The hp dv6 definately. It is the laptop im looking forward to buy as well. Do you know if yours it the touchscreen version? Either way, the hp dv6 is tons better that the other one, the processor is faster and the video card is better

Fight, Sara, fight. Hope, Sara, hope. One of your prayers has already been answered: your words and your faith ARE turning hearts toward God. I pray for you every day.-Patty

I had no idea how to approach this before-now I’m locked and loaded.

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Thanks Josh for updating our list! Wow, I disappear for a few days and I miss all this FUN!!! I am REALLY looking forward to Close Your Eyes and Hundredth among others like Alkaline Trio, Tony Sly (Solo), Story of the Year, Bouncing Souls, Amber Pacific, The Letter Black, Fireflight, She & Him, Cold War Kids, etc. I need Midnight Hour and Blindside like NOW!!! I already preordered Living Sacrifice with the Shirt so I can’t wait to get it in the mail this week hopefully.

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America had once been a nation of men, brace men as can be seen by the revolutionary war and civil war. Soldiers die in they bravery for freedom. But today America has become a place of low cowards. America bombing nations. Who would make right such a cowardice action. America no longer fight wars but instead bomb nations, cowards.

En tout cas, on ne peut pas dire que « nos » députés » montrent l’exemple. Ils se sont bien arrangés pour refuser de changer leur système de cotisations et surtout de ne pas dépendre du droit commun…

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Yep I agree.Iceland … Yep I agree.Iceland is never mentioned on the bought & paid for lamestream media here.Its the right thing to do but I wont hold my breath on the corrupt establishment to sort it out. Was this answer helpful?

If you”re white and I’m black, I have the chains and whips, come on over and we can role play, and guarantee you one of us will be taking our last breath!!!Yeah those days are long gone, and unless you”re 50 plus you dont know shoot about no segregation, so please be quiet!

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Here in Mexico, the consumers applaud Walmart because they don't play the "price-fixing" game. When a Walmart opens here, other stores suddenly start having sales and certain items that were ALWAYS priced the same everywhere appear with DIFFERENT prices.


Thanks, I now know to wire some components off the board. How does soeonme solder with an unplated perfboard? Connections and wires go in the holes and are held in place with solder? I want to use an outlet for a step down transformer. How do I know how much current will be drawn? I have a 120V to 12.6V 3 wire 3 amp transformer that I want to turn into an AC supply. This video helped me realize I do not need a perfboard at all, just a mount for the transformer and the fuse and the switch.Thanks.

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4 stemmer for filtning2 for ikke filte1 kan ikke bestemme sig ;0)og 1 uden mening ;0)Jeg har nu smidt den i maskinen i en time på 40 grader, om ik andet så må jeg jo hækle en mere ;0)Det gik temmelig hurtig

Tooth and Claw had a scene in a private library where the Doctor call books the most powerful weapons of all, or words to that effect. Dickens and Shakespeare also got episodes.

Aw, that's cute of Tyson. He seems like a sweetheart. I'd love to see them live at some point. Good band. Glad the shows were fun. I love concerts.As for the kitty…I like both names but Finn is a good one! :-)A BIG BOX FROM PENGUIN? Jealous, send some my way. LOL Jk-Lauren

hey jon, wanna know the real solution? there would be NO bombs ever raining down in izrael if izrael 1) lifted the illegal siege and 2) complied with and abided fully with international law. in other words, izrael brings this on themselves…it’s called self-delegitimization, and izrael is the world champion of that!

Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

Shelli….could you please tell me the name of the story that has Amishward in it? Guess it’s Edward as an Amish man? I saw it somewhere, and didn’t write it down!TIA,Sus

Com certeza que o Guebas sabe. Meses antes várias equipes incluindo seus conselheiros pessoais visitam os locais, fazem relatórios e deixam recomendaçöes como tapar buracos, pintar as casas, etc. E o presidente decerto tem acesso aos relatórios.

hallo hans,danke für die aufklärung. meine kinder hatten keine poolnudeln, sondern . d.h. eigentlich waren das natürlich poolchiqitas. man kennt ja den markenterror der jugend … mik

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Roy,I must admit i'd like Sarah to win, but how do you think she will acheive that. Wanted her to is one thing, but I cannot see that happening. If you do, then how do you propose she should go about winning the different groups she needs to win over in the GOP? The influential voters will not vote for her, If you think they will, please outline. Thanks.

Prima di pronunciare alcuni nomi sciacquati la bocca con l’ammoniaca!A Taranto la famiglia D’Addario è sempre stata e sempre sarà!De Monte è un nome da perfetto sconosciuto e così spero resti!

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I love TurboFire. I have been doing it since October. One round alone and a P90X/TurboFire Hybrid. My next program will be Insanity. I love the Beachbody workouts! I love the ZWOW workouts! I tried to like the BodyRock ones after Zu left but couldn’t really get into anymore.

Yes, I agree there are many reasons for a person to become a vegetarian besides bringing benefits to our lives we avoid the deaths of defenseless animals. I myself already tried being a vegetarian but I have to admit that it did not work, unfortunately.

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